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Light and sound industry only the most investment value of the award who falls?

Recently, the 2015 annual sound lighting industry brand event 10 strong brand was born, a light stock experts and businesses unanimously approved in the selection process, gains this year only the most investment value of the prize, and in October 31st at the Guangzhou University Center for the performing arts industry brand event in accepted industry recognition. This is Dassen light shares following the 2012, 2013, 2014 was rated the top ten lighting lamp control HC brand award.

Network auditions, joint efforts in hundreds of million people united as one man Dassen family and the attention of many of Dassen's friends, Dassen lighting network voting shares eventually up to 31561 the total number of votes, through WeChat vote amounted to 29815 votes, "reached 1746, Internet voting gathered high popularity.

A light shares in product testing links, sent to the Guangzhou Institute of lighting, lighting detection can stand the test, with a unique design and excellent product performance, has become the focus of the industry's enthusiastic attention, once again demonstrated a strong light shares innovative strength. In the expert review of the authority of the audit performed well, get everyone's affirmation.

This time, Guangzhou Dason light Limited by Share Ltd won the most investment value of the year "award for innovative and diversified development.


The establishment of five years, to the development of an area of more than 35 thousand square meters, more than 360 employees, in 2013 won the national high tech enterprises, in 2014 won the Guangzhou city science and technology small giant enterprises in Huadu District, the identity of the first. And by the end of this year listed three new board and diversified development driven, is currently accelerating the development trend.


A light shares only was applied in 2015 46 utility model patents, 5 invention patents, 13 patents, copyright 2, a total of 13 can be expected by the end of more than and 90 to apply for invention, utility model patents, copyright 5, the total number of patents to achieve within a year for more than the previous total is the number of patents, stage lighting factory in the fastest growing enterprises. And, with the R & D and R & D investment increased, the expected future results of intellectual property rights will double every year growth rate.


A light company is known for high-quality products, in the last few years in the London Olympic venues use lighting lighting, lighting, Brazil World Cup Home Court hall BBC television studio, LDI lighting exhibition power engineering, Japan's Fuji TV station outside the main building wall lighting and many other projects, has received great recognition for international customers, have evaluation is the most beautiful color Chinese production LED lamps.


At present, Guangzhou Dason diversified development strategy has formed stage lighting, lighting company civilian entertainment, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, lighting, lighting and other agricultural IOT six plate full force and it has achieved initial success, accelerating the intellectual property layout, has formed a good situation of two international and domestic market to accelerate the development of the.

Here, a light Guangzhou would like to thank our colleagues to share our support and trust. Won the "most valuable investment awards for us is definitely more power. Next, a shares will continue to create brilliant lights around the value, responsibility, integrity, good quality and service, our customers, employees and the society.

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