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Requirements of a variety of lighting effects

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7 years LED stage lighting R&D and production experience, our R&D team has always been in the forefront of the industry, and provide you with the top LED lighting products.

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In strict accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 production management system, all the products comply with CE, ROSE, CQC, ISO, FCC, RTTE and other standards.

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only a phone call, the rest of the matter to Dasen. Regardless of value of the order, Dasen equip with one to one full time merchandiser. service.

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Guangzhou Dasen Lighting Corporation Limited, established in August 2008, is a professional manufacturer and exporter specialized in the research & development, production and sales of LED stage lighting, LED architectural lighting and LED commercial lighting.Covering an area of 35,000 square meters, we now have over 500 employees, including more than 50 technicians. With advanced automated production equipment and various R&D laboratories and quality inspection equipment. We get nearly 100national patents in short time and high scores to obtain the title of national high-tech enterpries. The company was founded more than six years ago,and every year to maintain a sustained,rapid,healthy dvevlopment.Believing it is the "people" who is the main property of a company, we regularly provide a better development platform and advancement opportunities for different talents, as well as cooperate with management and consulting company for corporate culture design and team management improvement.Believing "responsible, grateful, faithful" as our values, we emphasize on social responsibility, adhere to honesty, focus on quality and service to pay back to our customers, employees and society.


  • What kind of skills to repair the head lamp

    please prepare a small cardboard box or something to hold easily lost in a screw, the best Sheng interval small cap, and in accordance with the installation order, although their thread and nail head are roughly the same size, but the length is respectively - so it is easy to distinguish much.

  • The tips of the beam light

    In many of today's television and theatrical programming, it is not difficult to see the lighting division with different lighting effects, add a lively atmosphere for the show, and many of them bright light effect, it is through the filmprojected images caused by light. However, the pattern piece only to make a fixed light effect through color and pattern, but for some special design effects such as raging waves, bridges, fierce flame, the sky clouds, will not be able to play for the gaffer, it

  • Head lamp attention

    To remove and install, fuse or other parts, or do not use computer lights, to cut off the exchange and overload and ground protection. Computer lights can not be exposed to rain or tidal wetlands. UV (UV) radiation and bulb explosion Computer lights must not be used when the lens and cover are missing or damaged. When replacing the bulb, open the outer cover or remove the bulb, and let the computer light cool for at least 15 minutes. Wear gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes.

  • Optical structure of head lamp

    Head light has a very wide range of colors can meet most lighting design requirements, carefully choose a suitable color plate into a combination of high quality filter change is possible. All of the interchangeable filter. 5 concentric colors to reconcile, prevent ultraviolet radiation. Fixed or in the middle position color change, high speed color change 006 seconds / time, there is no closed light color can change. Coupled with the CMY color mixing system, can create endless color.

  • Outdoor lighting and security

    Outdoor lighting is different from indoor lighting, outdoor lighting during the day is mainly daylight and sky lighting. Night outdoor lighting design includes the following things - the electro-optical lighting can not illuminate the sky as day; therefore, the background is always dark night, lighting objects and the background of the greater contrast between. There is no light source that is stronger than the sun, so if you want to illuminate the area, you must have a large number of smaller l