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Optical structure of head lamp


Head light has a very wide range of colors can meet most lighting design requirements, carefully choose a suitable color plate into a combination of high quality filter change is possible. All of the interchangeable filter. 5 concentric colors to reconcile, prevent ultraviolet radiation. Fixed or in the middle position color change, high speed color change 006 seconds / time, there is no closed light color can change. Coupled with the CMY color mixing system, can create endless color.

Color temperature correction

Disc gradient color correction filter and the entire visible range of colors together, adjusted from 3200K-5600 K, reduce the color correction to make operators, get a little higher light or cool improved.


Dimmer makes the propagation of the light softer, creating a combination of washing and color combinations. The dimmer can obtain the diffusion beam of different grade, software and hardware is more intense, more diffuse light.

Light control device

Unique and innovative light control system and switch control system can be freely combined control. At the same time, according to the needs of the operation, the light source can be reduced to achieve the visual function of other devices. It has low noise (less than 30 dB) to meet the needs of different places. Switch instantaneous speed up to 0.01 seconds.


Mute, fast adjustable strobe can be adjusted in the range of 0.5-12 per second. In full speed strobe can be in a variety of artificial control, with the different approaches but equally satisfactory results. There are 2 pieces of strobe closing system can completely block beam without leakage.


Cone filter, light filter or thread mirror

Daily maintenance of head lamp

Note: too much dust, smoke, and fine particles can damage the appearance of equipment, and even cause overheating damage equipment

Disconnect the power supply before disconnecting the housing.

Regular cleaning equipment shell, specific according to the working environment.


Be careful when cleaning optical components to keep them clean and clean. The surface of optical element is easy to scratch and break.

Do not use the solution to wipe, otherwise easy to cause plastic and coating layer damage.

Regularly check the gas strainer, such as the blockage to clean up.

Regular cleaning fan and air vents to ensure the cooling effect of the bulb.

Wiping optical element

1 disconnect the power components completely cooled, remove the lamp.

2 air gun blows away the dust particles surface parts.

3 with the glass liquid or distilled water soft cloth or cotton swab wipe colorless to surface fouling. Don't scratch the surface. To graze a few times.

4 with colourless paper cotton or cotton swab with industrial alcohol to remove surface soot. Also can be used for glass cleaning liquid, but must use distilled water to remove fouling. With a clean soft cloth gently wipe from the center to the edge. Or with an air gun to blow.

Wipe and vent fan

With a soft brush, cotton, air gun to remove surface dirt.

Clean or replace air cleaner

1 disconnect the power supply, use a screwdriver to loosen the two screws on each side, remove the protective cover, removing the wind leaf.

2 use the vacuum cleaner to clean the surface or air gun. They can also be replaced. If it is contaminated by smoke stains and other stains, can be soaked in soapy water.

3 replace the blade or cover.

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