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The tips of the beam light

In many of today's television and theatrical programming, it is not difficult to see the lighting division with different lighting effects, add a lively atmosphere for the show, and many of them bright light effect, it is through the filmprojected images caused by light. However, the pattern piece only to make a fixed light effect through color and pattern, but for some special design effects such as raging waves, bridges, fierce flame, the sky clouds, will not be able to play for the gaffer, it limits their creativity. Therefore, it is not difficult to believe that the market still has room for development, and thus evolved to the emergence of dynamic pattern film. Nevertheless, only the dynamic pattern piece is not the perfect representative to make a unique pattern, it must be with the pattern piece to the stage, to create the most beautiful light (of course not less the role of the color wheel).

1, consider the design of the film: some can not consider the mesh of the cloud pattern, can also be based on the desired density and type of cloud and select the pattern. The choice of pattern is the most basic and the most important one, because many interesting effects, in fact, are made by changing the focal length.

2, focus adjustment pattern pieces to clear focus, in fact does not achieve the desired lighting effects, and moving decrease, effect is not ideal; on the contrary, the dynamic pattern pieces adjusted to a clear focus, you can move to larger, but the pattern will disappear, and precise projection the quality and direction of movement, the focus will be affected, so, in order to achieve the ideal lighting effects, carefully research focus in fact is very important, it should pay special attention to.

3, the direction of movement, dynamic pattern piece of flexible assembly system, through the DMX512 control signal, adjust it to any angle, for example, can use the horizontal movement, to produce the effect of clouds floating in the air; or the use of vertical movement, make up the fire, even the heavy rain. In addition, some are not vertical or horizontal patterns of dynamic effects, you can try to horizontal or vertical channels reversed, and even the dynamic pattern piece to rotate in the opposite direction to make effect. Furthermore, it is possible to control the rotation mode of the dynamic wheel by DMX control, not just to make a continuous rotation, which is especially useful for the font or trademark projection.

4, speed, although the speed of the dynamic pattern of the film will affect the effect of projection, but in fact, we should pay attention to the design of the pattern and dynamic design of the film itself, too close or too sparse on the effect will be affected.

5, color, choose to have CMY mixed color system lamps, dynamic pattern wheel can be projected out of the effect of smooth color change, change the choice will be more. In addition, when the beam refraction, the system will also make color gradient, so that the effect of dynamic graphics more three-dimensional (especially the use of a number of two color color filter).

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