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What kind of skills to repair the head lamp

A tip: please prepare a small cardboard box or something to hold easily lost in a screw, the best Sheng interval small cap, and in accordance with the installation order, although their thread and nail head are roughly the same size, but the length is respectively - so it is easy to distinguish much.

Tip two: Unplug the power, you can remove the lamp under the lamp. The first step is to use the naked eye to see where the problem, which can be seen in the lamp after cleaning, not easy to see the problem: for example, due to the leakage of trackingmarks in the dirty on the circuit board is easy to see, but it is very difficult to look out after cleaning (although these are most likely to be caused by by the dust problem!

Tip three: before the circuit board repair, must wear anti-static wrist strap, can be guided to the static human body itself on the ground. If you do not, there will be the danger of damage to the component: think about it, just walking on the nylon carpet, you can generate up to 12000 volts of static electricity! So do not ignore the harm of static electricity.


Tip four: after test and determine the existence of the problem, you can start cleaning work. The first to use the vacuum cleaner to suck dust, best can use the hair brush, clean up especially thoroughly. In particular, pay attention to where the fan, where the accumulation of dust up to. Usually a circuit will cast a thick layer of dust, because the pressure circuit has a particularly large adsorption capacity of dust, like a magnet like iron adsorption. The circuit board also need extra cleaning, most electronic components suppliers provide aerosol special cleaner. Pay particular attention to the use of alcohol, because it can dissolve the protective layer on the circuit board, and will damage some components. When removing a small device or connector on the circuit board, make sure that they are in place so as not to miss the direction.

Tip five: in optical component cleaning head light into be very carefully, because the glass pattern piece and two color filters are easy to scratch and scratch these places by projecting patterns will become particularly evident, if you don't use a special cleaning agent, it is easy to damage the lens surface. To use industrial alcohol to clean the mirrors, lenses, filters and pattern pieces, and rinse with distilled water (Martin Pro series lamps require the use of special protection ingredients add water to clean the lens, such as Kodak photo cleaning agent, prevent stripes and spots, but also small lenses) with anti-static cloth or use the hair dryer to dry the lens. Special attention should be paid to remove the lights, do not touch the bulb directly by hand, because through the years of use, the surface of the bulb will become thinner, more easily broken.

Tip six: check some of those loose parts or have used to drive very old. Mechanical parts can not always keep the best state, the belt for a long time, it will become inelastic, resulting in the case of the unit displacement. Change the bulb, and install the lamp, check the box and left screw. Take a look at there is no problem, you can conduct a PTA test.

Finally, according to the test program to test the lamps, usually using the built-in specific DMX address code. Check there is no abnormal situation, pattern plate arrangement, shutter or color films such as whether it is business as usual. The lamp bulb is preheated, check the best time: the beam onto a flat plane on the center point and adjust the lamp irradiation of the strongest, usually use the lamps behind three adjusting screws, the lamp will slowly position debugging, until the projected date of uniform beam.

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